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Webb's Chicken Sausage

Italian Style Chicken Sausage

chicken sausage link, Italian styleItalian style sausage is one of our favorite sausages. In contrast to standard Italian sausage, our sausage is made from lean chicken meat, breast and thigh. 

Our seasoning achieves prefectly the taste of sausage made from pork and beef. However due to the delicate nature of the chicken meat, our sausage is much lower in fat and has considerably less salt. 

Serve our sausage with typical Italian dishes, or any way you want, it's always a great and tasty alternative.


Italian style chicken sausage, nutritial valuesChicken meat, breast and thigh, Salt, Fennel Seed,
Black Pepper, Garlic,Oregano.
Gluten free, made with regenerated  collagen casing

Serving Sizes., Packaging:

Italian Style Chicken Sausage: 4 oz./link, 4 links per 1 lb package.

chicken sausage itaian style, packaged for sale 









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